September 10, 2013

To'hajiilee in Breaking Bad

'Breaking Bad' Episode 'To'hajiilee': Shootout in Navajo CountrySunday's episode of the AMC drama Breaking Bad has been hailed by some fans as the best in the history of the series, which began in 2008 and is nearing the end of its fifth and final season. The L.A. Times cites a figure of 300,000 tweets about the show, which included a massive shootout scene. Called "To'hajiilee," the episode is partially set on To'hajiilee, a non-contiguous part of the Navajo Nation west of Albuquerque, New Mexico.'Breaking Bad' recap: I Buried My Heart at To'hajiilee

Jesse's promise to go after Walt where he really lives comes to fruition, but ends with possibly fatal consequences

By Denise Warner
To'hajiilee--the name of tonight's episode--is perhaps the most important place in Breaking Bad's mythology. It's where Jesse and Walt first cooked together. It's where Walt hid his money from the world. And it's where Todd, Jack and the rest of the white power Nazis get into a shootout with Hank and Gomez that leaves all of their fates up in the air--at least, until the next episode.Comment:  For more on the Navajo and television, see Navajo Musician in The Voice and Media Covers Mike and Molly "Joke."

Below:  "Dean Norris and Bryan Cranston in a scene from Sunday night's 'Breaking Bad' episode."

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