September 05, 2013

Oklahoma governor orders extradition for Brown

Fallin signs extradition order for Dusten BrownGovernor Mary Fallin signed the extradition order for Dusten Brown, the biological father of “Baby Veronica.”

Brown is contesting Veronica’s adoption to Matt and Melanie Capobianco of Charleston, South Carolina. His arguments have now been rejected by the United States Supreme Court as well as courts in South Carolina and Oklahoma.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley requested Brown’s extradition from Oklahoma to South Carolina on August 13. Brown, who has refused to release Veronica to her adopted parents, faces charges of custodial interference in South Carolina.

Brown’s extradition does not affect the current placement of Baby Veronica.
Baby Veronica case: Dusten Brown released from custody

By Michael OverallBaby Veronica's biological father was released on bail this morning after appearing in Sequoyah County court to answer an extradition warrant signed by Gov. Mary Fallin.

Dusten Brown appeared Thursday before Sequoyah County Judge Jeff Payton, who ordered him released until an extradition hearing on Oct. 3. Brown was released on bail after he was arrested for a second time.

Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart called the governor's office to seek advice on releasing Brown, he told the Tulsa World. About 30 minutes later, the office advised him to follow the local court's direction and allow Brown to leave on bail.

"It's very unusual," Lockhart said, explaining that most suspects remain in jail until the extradition hearing when they've been arrested on a governor's warrant. "I've never seen this before."
Meanwhile, here's what's going on emotionally behind the legal wrangling:

The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

Dusten Brown will be the only man that she truly calls 'daddy'

By Chris Haire
Although the Capobiancos may not want to hear this, Ronnie Brown will never be their daughter as long as Dusten Brown is alive. Too much time has passed from when they called Baby Veronica their own and when they were forced to give her up. Today, the bond between Ronnie and her father is probably far too great to break, and anyone who believes that bond should be broken should be ashamed of themselves. When it comes down to it, Ronnie Brown is not a cause; Baby Veronica is. The flesh and blood Ronnie Brown is a child, and Dusten Brown is her flesh and blood father—and by all accounts, he loves her.

Forget the Indian Child Welfare Act. Forget that the Capobiancos raised Baby Veronica from birth until she was two. Forget that they tried desperately to have children of their own for years and years and years. Forget that they loved and cared for her as if she was their own child. She's not. She's Dusten Brown's, and for nearly the past two years, she has been under his care. She has spent her days and nights with him and his family. She has called him "daddy" countless times. Regardless of what happens, she will never call Matt Capobianco "daddy" and mean it in the exact same way she does when she refers to Dusten Brown.

Right now, Ronnie Brown is surely aware that her daddy, Dusten Brown, loves her so much he is willing to go to jail to save her. The Capobiancos will never be able to lay claim to such a heroic sacrifice, and because they can't, Ronnie Brown will never be theirs. And as the years go by, Dusten Brown's sacrifice will only grow in importance to little Ronnie Brown, and it will only poison whatever relationship the Capobiancos hope to have with her if she is handed over to them. Their lives will be ruined. But more importantly, so will hers.

So much has gone wrong when it comes to this case. So much has been mishandled. And too many tears have been shed and hearts have been broken. It's finally time for someone to do something right. And for the Capobiancos that means putting an end to this tragedy right here and right now. If they truly wish for the best for Ronnie Brown, they must quit fighting for custody of Baby Veronica. She doesn't exist. Ronnie Brown does, and Dusten Brown is her father. Let him have her. Her future—and theirs—depends on it.
Comment:  Alas...since the Capobiancos are using Veronica to attack the Indian Child Welfare Act, they won't stop merely because it might hurt her. Like their Tea Party brethren, they believe in causes and conquest, not kids and compromise.

For more on Baby Veronica, see Christian Adoption Groups Stereotype Indians and Baby Veronica Exemplifies Tribal Resurgence.

"They're conservatives, honey. They hate Indians and children."

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Anonymous said...

And here's more about the conservative Tea Party connection to ICWA. From the office of former SC Senator and Tea Party leader Jim DeMint:

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint has honored Ray Godwin and Laura Beauvais-Godwin of Greenville, S.C [Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency] with the 2010 Angels in Adoption Award in recognition of their commitment to the adoption cause.

And back in 1996, former KS Republican Rep Todd Tiahrt tried unsuccessfully to limit ICWA's protection of Indian children. Tiahrt is currently a Tea Party member.