August 30, 2007

Blowback changes vets' minds

UND NICKNAME:  Group rescinds supportMembers of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation's Veterans' Group board voted 3-2 Wednesday night to rescind their two-day-old support for UND's Fighting Sioux nickname and logo.

The board voted unanimously to support the nickname during a meeting Monday, but board members later were inundated with calls from Standing Rock veterans and other tribe members expressing opposition to the nickname, said Ed Black Cloud, the board's acting chairman.

“There were a lot of things we didn't know about when we made that motion,” Black Cloud said, later adding, “we didn't know about the treatment of Indian students (at UND).”
Comment:  This story could serve as the template for the "Indians support Indian mascots" meme. Yes, some Indians support Indian mascots because they think such mascots are benign or even positive. Then they learn all the arguments against such mascots: how many of their fellow Indians oppose the schools in question don't support their Indian the mascots create a hostile environment of whooping fans who attack anyone who challenges them. Because they've been educated, these Indians who support Indian mascots change their minds.

Pictured below:  University of Illinois students "honoring" Indians.

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