August 23, 2007

Another paean to Aaron

'Scalped' writer having sizzling August“Scalped,” Aaron’s first ongoing series, is set on an Indian reservation where its once proud people are ruled by drugs and organized crime.

“I love crime stories and it seemed like such a natural setting for a crime book,” said Aaron, who has had a lifelong fascination with American Indian culture.

Rob Schmidt, the author of “Peace Party,” a comic book featuring American Indians, has criticized “Scalped” for its “ultra-negative” portrayal of life on the reservation.

Aaron, though, says reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. “I’ve gotten letters from reservations all over the country, from Native Americans who are fans of the book.”

It’s not, however, a book for everyone, he cautions.

“It’s a violent, profane crime story, and I think some people just object to the principal of that.”
Comment:  I don't object to SCALPED because it's violent and profane. I object to it because it stereotypes Indians as criminals, thugs, and lowlifes.

Indians have always appreciated seeing themselves in the media, which is why they often like old Westerns and sports mascots. That doesn't mean these things aren't stereotypical.

For more commentary on SCALPED, go to SCALPED:  Another Comic Book Gets Indians Wrong.

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