August 25, 2007

Smart Native lasses and lad

Indianer-Inuit Video:  Tantoo, Joy, Nakotah in GermanyAs readers of NativeVue's John Blackbird are familiar, European audiences can't get enough of Indian culture whether it's dance, music, film, art or literature. It's hardly a surprise, then, that the annual Indianer-Inuit North American Native Film Festival held in Stuttgart, Germany this past March was a resounding success as it celebrated the best Native American arts has to offer.

During the event, filmmakers Sharif Korvner and Marina Weiss produced a 16-minute video which includes short interviews with the Festival's featured guests including actress Tantoo Cardinal, teen actor and champion dancer Nakotah LaRance and poet Joy Harjo. All three talk frankly about how they envision their role as Indigenous artists in the mainstream culture. Take a few minutes to watch the interviews in these YouTube clips—two smart ladies and one smart kid…:)

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