August 20, 2007

Kirk's great love Miramanee

What If Miramanee Had Lived?Why do people always gloss over the importance of Kirk's marriage to High Priestess Miramanee (Paradise Syndrome)? Everybody is always Edith Keeler blah, blah, blah great love of his life blah, blah, blah. Kirk barely knew Edith Keeler. He never made it past first base with her.

Jim Kirk was married to Miramanee for months, and got her pregnant and everything! Jim and Miramanee were obviously very happy with each other. Miramanee obviously loved Jim quite sincerely, and she was a super-decent lady. She was loyal to him to the last, even when her whole tribe turned against him! She courageously took her place at his side while he was being stoned, and this incredible act of devotion cost her her life. It was literally until death did them part. Doesn't that count as a great love!? If not, then what the heck does a gal have to do to rate!?

And why make such a big deal about Kirk's forced kiss with Uhura, when Kirk had a very happy interracial MARRIAGE with Miramanee? He was so ecstatically happy about his marriage to her that he hugged himself at one point out of sheer, pure, unalloyed JOY. I say THAT COUNTS FOR SOMETHING.
What if Miramanee had lived?If Miramanee had lived, Kirk would have stayed with her. To Kirk, it would be the only right thing to do. Plus, that choice does have its attractions. For one thing, he has a gorgeous wife who's crazy-nutty hot for him. He's got a kid on the way--not just A kid, her kid--he could do it right this time. It would not be like it was with Carol and David, he would have a chance to be a real father, and a real husband to a very enthusiastic wife!

Kirk could be a great leader for those people. He possesses all kinds of knowledge that will prove extremely useful to them. He knows CPR for example. He's already in a leadership position: he's starting out at the top. If he leaves her, he'll be leaving all of them. I don't know how many natives there are, but there could certainly be more than 430 of them. What about all of them? Kirk is a responsible guy, and this is a dream job. He's not going to casually shrug off this opportunity.
Comment:  So the most satisfying relationship Captain Kirk ever had was with an Indian. The only place that might've tempted him to leave the Enterprise and Starfleet was a Native Shangri-La. Interesting.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Not only interesting, but BEAUTIFUL! writerfella got to meet Margaret Armen and then to thank her for such a beautiful romance, no matter how many stereotypes got added to her teleplay in its execution. As always, the story itself was the most important factor. That is where critics miss it all: they pick on the details and miss the forests of story for the trees of minutiae.
During the run of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, writerfella and his ex-Marine cousin, Milton Paddlety, sold the series a teleplay called "Brothers Of The Blood." The story updated "Paradise Syndrome" into its future and had the Native people of the first story, once having become technological, go in search of 'the people from beyond the sky.' Their spaceship was made of carven stone and used the power source of the asteroid-deflecting obelisk for propulsion. It repelled against all matter to its rear to reach light-speed, and then repelled from all matter ahead to go sub-light. Aboard Picard's USS ENTERPRISE is Ens. Benton SkyHorse, a Kiowa member of StarFleet who saw in his Earthside vision quest that the ENTERPRISE would meet the people of the world of Miramanee, named after 'the mother of their race.'
Suffice it to say that, if that story had been done, it now would now have its own cultish following. By the bye, it was not done because the main framework of the story involved the ENTERPRISE's mission to aid three former Federation colonies amid a vast civil war. The producers decided they would do no stories about 'war.' Alas...
The thrust of the story is that Ens. SkyHorse and Worf become blood brothers, after surviving a battle together. writerfella knows, and always has done, stories about 'parallelism,'...
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

What a surprise. Another long-winded response from Russ.

Let's see if I have it straight: You didn't grasp Star Trek's position on war so you wrote something that violated the show's standards. It was good enough to buy, apparently, but not good enough to film.

The thrust of your comment is promoting yourself. As usual.