December 02, 2009

Coed Magazine's "Poca-Hotness"

“Poca-Hotness” (NSFW)

By LisaPocahontas was not a sexy Indian princess, she was kidnapped (and possibly turned into a sex slave) at the age of 17. After converting to Christianity while in captivity, she married an English man (John Rolfe, not Smith). She died at 22.

No matter. Coed Magazine sees nothing but sexy potential in the story. Ryan sent in this slide show of a series of mostly naked women posing as Pocahontas to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanks?
Commenter Randy adds:I’m surprised you didn’t include the text:

“Thanksgiving’s around the corner, and as we’ve shown in years past, what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a bunch of super sexy (pseudo) squaws adding a little wood to your totem pole? Sure, not all of these lovely ladies are actual Native Americans, but if you ask us, dressing up in a hot-ass Native American outfit does the job just fine. All we have to do now is decide to which one we’d like to give a Wampum necklace.”

Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist tells it like it is:I saw an ad for this the other day and I was struck by how racist, sexist, and historically inaccurate it was. It’s really amazing how easy (and scary) it is for websites to try to alter history to suit their own agenda…and this is for PORN!!!

What’s next? A website with naked black women dressed up as plantation slaves and having “hot interracial sex” with white dudes pretending to be slave masters? Oh wait, I’m sure there is.
Comment:  For some reason, I'm reminded of Redskin Magazine. I wonder why.

You can see the original Web page here:

Thanksgiving Poca-Hotness 2009 [80 Photos]

Apparently the magazine used Thanksgiving as a pretext to post every softcore porn image of women dressed as Natives in existence. Nice.

For more offensive "celebrations," see Bright Young Things' "Indian Summer Camp" and "Go Native" at the Visionary Village. Apparently many of today's youths are as clueless about racism as their parents were.

For more on the subject, see Indian Women as Sex Objects.


Nicole said...

...and for the junior set, check out the fashion spread in Small Magazine (

D said...

This really takes the cake... speechless...

jean said...

Yeah D...this really takes the cheesecake.

Just the name of the mag/site COED says a lot as in BOOB and JOCK.
One commentator wished the girls had their names included...his IQ level must be really below his belt otherwise he would have noticed stolen Jessica Biel,Angelina Jolie and Miley promotional pics(whatever) among Randy's seasonal offering of Hot Pocahontases.Jeez.
And to think guys who read and get horny over this sort of trash could be your future politicians and community leaders.And champion golfers ahem.