January 26, 2010

Chinese dance impresses Mohawk soprano

‘It opened my mind,’ Says Soprano

By Madalina HubertNative Canadian soprano and entertainer Lois Lane attended Shen Yun Performing Arts’ performance on Saturday night.

She shared her happiness after seeing the show.

“Wonderful, enlightened, like I could fly, and I think that I need to take some of those wonderful dance lessons!” said Ms. Lane.

“I think it was a very spiritual experience,” she noted.

“My heritage is upper Mohawk Six Nations, so I am North American Indian and I am sure that you know that the North American Indians migrated from Asia to settle in South, Central, and North America.

“So I have always felt close to the Asian culture even though I have not studied it very much. But it makes me feel balanced, it makes me feel calm, it makes me feel good.”
Comment:  Try to avoid jokes about Lois Lane and Superman if you can. ;-)

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Below:  "Shen Yun Performing Arts played before a sold-out crowd at its final show in Mississauga on Saturday night, Jan. 23." (Eric Sun/The Epoch Times)

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