January 28, 2010

6th Annual Red Nation Film Festival

6th Annual Red Nation Film Festival + Experience American Indian Cinema + Celebrates Its Winners & HonoreesLos Angeles, CA--Red Nation Film Festival (RNFF) announces festival winners & honorees for the 6th Annual Red Nation Film Festival of November 2009.

RNFF honorees were presented at the Red is Green Carpet Gala A Night of Tribute Awards Ceremony on November 12, 2009 at Raleigh Studios. RNFF filmmakers’ awards were presented online January 28, 2010, at www.rednationfilmfestival.com. RNFF had five L.A. premieres, three Red is Green Carpet galas, 20th anniversary of George Harrison critically acclaimed Sundance Award-winning feature film “Pow Wow Highway” and a exclusive premiere of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

Red Nation Film Festival is the largest and most prestigious celebration of the American Indian motion picture art form in Los Angeles and has positioned itself worldwide as the best venue for marketing American Indian & Indigenous Independent Films, including Native Women in Film & Television.

RNFF Award Winners:

Best Film
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Director: Chris Weitz

Best Director
The Ghost Riders
Director: V. Blackhawk Aamodt

Best Actor
Chaske Spencer
The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Best Actress
Tinsel Korey
The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Best Documentary Feature
Director: Joe Berlinger

Best Woman Documentary Feature
For The Next 7 Generations/The 13 Grandmothers
Director: Carole Hart

Best Documentary Short
In The Footsteps of Yellow Woman
Director: Camille Manybeads Tso

Best Editor
Red Nation Film Festival Short
Montano Rain

Best Music Video
Michael Jackson
Black or White


  • “Red Nation Vision Award”--In Loving Memory to Michael Jackson “Black or White”

  • “Edward Albert Jr Indigenous Film Award”--Edward James Olmos, Actor

  • “Brando Award”--Joe Berlinger, director of Crude

  • “Lifetime Achievement Award”--Graham Greene, Actor

  • “Best Network Award”--CBS Corporation

  • “Television Heritage Media Award”--James Ramos, San Manuel Tribe

  • “Red Nation Theatre Playwright Award”--Richard Montoya, Culture Clash

  • “Red Nation Humanartian Award”--Leonard Peltier, Activist

  • “Red Nation Activists Award”--Atossa Soltani, Director of Amazon Watch

  • “Red Nation Community Award”--Christine Padilla, Community Volunteer Lakota Nation

  • In attendance were: Edward James Olmos (actor); Josie Thomas, Head of Diversity, Senior VP (CBS Corporation); Jo Berlinger; director of Crude; Mitchell Anderson accepting on behalf of Atossa Soltani (Amazon Watch); RJ Joseph accepting on behalf of Leonard Peltier (activist); Christine Padilla (community volunteer); Disney ABC Television Group Frank B. Gonzalez; Chaske Spencer (actor/New Moon); Tinsel Korey (actor/New Moon); Alex Meraz (actor/New Moon); Rene Haynes (casting director); Zahn McClarnon (actor/Into The West); Gil Birmingham (actor/New Moon); Jackie Jacobs (Talent Group); Kimberly Norris Guerrero (Dreamkeeper); Elijah De Jesus (actor/Pearl); V. Blackhawk Aamodt (director/The Ghost Riders); Camille Manybeads Tso (director/In The Footsteps of Yellow Woman) to name a few.
    Joanelle Romero's Photos--On the Red is Green Carpet + Red Nation Film Festival

    'New Moon' Honored for Embracing Native Americans  [video]

    DailyDips Episode 56:  Famous Quotes, A “Precious” Exclusive, Live Long and Prosper, Bullock Gets “Blind Sided,” “New Moon” Madness

    [New Moon segment begins at the 4:30 mark]

    Comment:  See Tinsel Korey talk about her Native community and Native actresses like her!

    I couldn't attend the Red Nation Film Festival this year because of my trips to Washington DC and Las Vegas.

    For more on the subject, see Quileute Werewolves in Twilight and The Best Indian Movies.

    Below:  "Red Nation FILM LAB Q & A with Alex Meraz (actor/New Moon), Gil Birmingham (actor/New Moon), Tinsel Korey (actor/New Moon), Chaske Spencer (actor/New Moon) and Joanelle Romero (actor/Pow Wow Highway)."


    Anonymous said...

    Why would Twilight be given honors for painting Indians red? This has been well documented in interviews and articles about the Indian actors. Should we as a Native community be awarding accolades on mainstream film that simply recognize Indians exist and include them in narratives without holding such productions to a higher standard? I find this most perplexing and concerning, given how many stereotypes are reinforced and perpetuated by the Twilight series.

    Rob said...

    I don't know how Red Nation picks its winners, but no one else is giving New Moon awards. I wouldn't give New Moon anything either unless it's a lot better than everyone says it is.

    I'm afraid Red Nation bestows awards upon whoever agrees to screen their films at the festival. That may explain the strong correspondence between attendees and winners.