January 13, 2010

Stillaguamish cold-case playing cards

Aid in cracking cold cases

The Stillaguamish Tribe will pay for 5,500 more decks of cold-case playing cards, which detectives use in unsolved homicides and missing-persons cases.

By Diana Hefley
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office cold-case detectives are getting more help from the Stillaguamish Tribe in their hunt for killers and missing persons.

The tribe is providing a second grant to the sheriff's office to buy more decks of cold-case playing cards. The sheriff's office was the first in the state to create playing cards to solicit tips for unsolved homicides and missing persons cases.

The Stillaguamish Tribe provided the sheriff's office a $7,250 grant to purchase the first decks and the second grant will buy an additional 5,500 decks.

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