January 30, 2010

First Nations meet Mongolians in Tono

Cultural blending

Tono brings together North American and Mongolian traditions

By Jeanne Kwong
In Tono, by Red Sky Performance, Sandra Laronde worked with fellow choreographer Roger Sinha and a small cast of dancers and musicians to create a staged meeting place for traditions and cultures that span two continents. The show opens with three Mongolian musicians and throat-singers, followed by two First Nations singers.

Laronde is excited to bring Tono back to southern Alberta, which served as the launching pad for this ongoing journey. As part of the Banff Summer Arts Festival in 2008, Tono invited viewers into the colourful sights and sounds of life—humans transformed into horses onstage with the leaps, jumps and gallops of dancers. The show was performed in Beijing in conjunction with the summer Olympics and will head to Vancouver for the Cultural Olympiad after its Rodeo performance.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Plays and Other Stage Shows.

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