May 17, 2011

Charles Curtis in Kansas Hall of Fame

Inaugural Kansas Hall of Fame inductees announcedEight legends of Kansas history and industry were announced Tuesday as the inaugural class of the Kansas Hall of Fame at the Great Overland Station Museum.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Vice President Charles Curtis, US Senator and Presidential Nominee Bob Dole, General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers, Pizza Hut founders Dan and Frank Carney, Aviatrix Amelia Earhart and Marshall Matt Dillon of “Gunsmoke” as portrayed by James Arness comprise the initial Kansas Hall of Fame Class.
And:Similarly Charles Curtis, United States Senator and Vice President under Herbert Hoover, brings together the entire history of Kansas. Born in Topeka, he was a member of the Kansa tribe (which gave its very name to the state) and spent many summers on the Kaw Nation lands. His was a rags-to-riches story, where his talent as a jockey provided him the means to study law and begin his career. Curtis served in Congress, where he was a long-time Senate Majority leader, and was a candidate for President before backroom politicking resulted in his vice presidential nomination. He will be represented by Guy Munroe, Chairman of the Kaw Nation.Comment:  One Indian out of eight nominees, and some fairly impressive company. It's a good showing for Indians.

For more on Charles Curtis, see Postage Stamp for Charles Curtis? and Brazilian Cast in Whispers Like Thunder.

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