May 24, 2011

Emergence Productions markets Native entertainers

Pueblo woman showcases Native talent

By Rebecca TouchinMelissa “Missy” Sanchez is from the Pueblos of both Acoma and Laguna and is a 1984 graduate of Laguna Acoma High School. If you hear Emergence Productions mentioned anywhere in New Mexico, one thinks of Melissa Sanchez. She is the co-owner of Emergence Productions which markets Native American/Indigenous entertainers nationally and internationally, produces professional shows, provides industry consultation and mentors Native American youth.

I had the privilege to volunteer a second time for Emergence Production who hosts Stage 49 at The Gathering of The Nations. The Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow features more than 75,000 global audience members, 3,000 singers and dancers, more than 35 entertainers traditional and contemporary from throughout the USA and Canada, 350 or more Native arts and crafts vendors and the Miss Indian World competition. The gathering is North America’s biggest Pow-Wow which provides a wonderful Native American experience.

During this time I had the chance to observe Sanchez and her Emergence Crew develop Stage 49. The time and effort to be able to put on a show of this magnitude is very time consuming, but to see the audience’s reaction when they hear their favorite band perform is priceless.
Comment:  For more on Native entertainment, see Pow Wow Comedy Jam and Navajo Entertainment in 2009.

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