May 26, 2011

Emerson's short film Opal

Native movie maker stresses hard work for success

By Bob TenequerEmerson, originally from Tohatchi, and is an award-winning filmmaker. Her newest project is a 10-minute short film titled “Opal.”

“Opal” is a summer tale about a young Navajo girl who confronts the town bully who doesn’t allow girls at the local bike jump.

The screenplay was written at the native film workshop organized by the Sundance Institute in 2010. The institute provides direct support to emerging Native American and Indigenous film artists throughout the United States.

“Opal comes from two worlds,” said Emerson. “She grows up with her grandmother on the ‘Rez’ and with her artist mother in the city. Opal’s character is very worldly, adaptable and smart . . . she’s like a little adult in 10-year-old body,” explained Emerson.

“My larger goal is to make “Opal” a feature-length film,” she added.
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Below:  "The crew of Opal works on the 10-minute film by Ramona Emerson. Emerson’s company will start filming in To’hajiilee during the later part of July."

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