May 08, 2011

Obama:  Bin Laden was "Geronimo"

We've seen a lot of worthless speculation about what the "Geronimo" codename meant in Apologists Try to Spin Codename and Mission Named "Geronimo," Not Target? Now President Obama himself has put the speculation to rest. In an interview on 60 Minutes, he told us who or what "Geronimo" was:

Obama on bin Laden:  The full "60 Minutes" interviewOBAMA: There was a point before folks had left before we had gotten everybody back on the helicopter and were flying back to base, where they said "Geronimo" has been killed. And Geronimo was the code name for bin Laden.Oops! The codename meant exactly what Native critics said it meant. Americans codenamed the worst killer in modern history "Geronimo" because they considered the two men equivalent. One was a savage terrorist and the other was a terrorist savage.

For everyone who claimed "Geronimo" was the mission, not the target...or it referred to Osama's elusiveness...or our troops' were wrong. Better luck next time, apologists for America's institutional bigotry against Indians. Learn about the inbred racism that permeates our consciousness so I don't have to school you on it again.

Remember, peeps: When it comes to stereotyping issues, I'm right. <g>

So the mission "Geronimo" (actually, "Neptune Spear") was to kill the terrorist "Geronimo." By implication, Americans associate Indians with violent, criminal, unholy behavior. We saw this in US Considers Aboriginal Groups Threats and Seminoles Compared to al Qaeda and now we've seen it again.

How dense do you have to be not to understand this? "Geronimo-E KIA" meant we killed the savage Indian Geronimo terrorist bin Laden. The codename asserted that all these things are equivalent. Indians are terrorists, according to many Americans, because they oppose our system of land theft and genocide civilization and progress.

ObamAmerica defeats GeronimOsama

As always, it's fascinating to see what we can glean from incidents like this one. For starters, how many dozens of military planners and administration officials heard the "Geronimo" codename and thought nothing of it? How did Obama, who's supposedly so in tune with Indians that one tribe adopted him, let this happen? Presumably because he's more insensitive or ignorant than people realize. We saw this in his Inaugural Address, his buried apology to Indians, and his tepid "support" for the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights. And now we've seen it again.

Once the mission unfolded, we heard several direct quotes affirming that bin Laden was "Geronimo." Yet many critics ignored these quotes and fabricated theories out of thin air to explain away the implications. They couldn't conceive of "America the great" being racist even when the evidence was in front of their faces.

It's scary how brainwashed or brain-dead many Americans are. You can point to incident after incident of racially-motivated hate and violence. You can show them reams of statistics about how minorities get worse treatment under identical conditions. But all they can see is America the perfect paradise (for white Christians heterosexuals like them, that is). They're deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to America's flaws.

For more on the subject, see Advocates Criticize Codename at Hearing and Apaches Demand Apology for Codename.

Below:  Two peas in a pod according to Obama and other Americans.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it gets worse. South Dakota finally passed a hate crime law, but decided every Indian-on-white crime is a hate crime, but not the white-on-Indian crimes, even the ones that involve swastikas and burning crosses.

Anonymous said...

And as for me... its getting closs to the point to where i would rather be under CHINESE rule...