August 17, 2011

California Indian to premiere

'California Indian,' shot on local locations, to have Lake County premiere Aug. 26In “California Indian,” Nick Thomas, a Pomo Indian and a successful Los Angeles radio host, is forced back to the reservation to help his brother Chi (Gil Birmingham), and tribal leader Rich Knight (Gary Farmer) lead the Tule Lake Rancheria out of danger from a seedy casino investor (Mark Boone Jr.), ultimately claiming sovereignty of their Native American rights, according to the film's synopsis.

The California Indian Web site,, explains, “The struggles inherent on reservations today are depicted in this day-in-the-life drama based on true characters and events. The film dispels current stereotypes and myths about modern Native American culture while showcasing the depths of the heritage that thrives today.”

The film–which also marks Ramos' directorial debut–was shot on location in Lake County, especially in and around Lakeport.

The film's Web site said Pomo tribal members, who had no prior acting experience, were cast in many of the roles in the film, which allowed for greater authenticity of the portrayal of the tribe.
Comment:  IMDB says this movie was released in 2009. This may just be its local premiere.

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.

Below:  "Chi (Gil Birmingham), Rich (Gary Farmer) and Nick (Timothy Ramos) at the marina, having devised a counter strategy to protect the tribe using their sovereign rights in the movie California Indian." (Courtesy photo)

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