August 24, 2011

Twilight video game?

‘Twilight’ Star Bronson Pelletier Talks About The ‘Twilight’ Video Game—Are YOU Excited? talked to Bronson Pelletier, who said there might be a ‘Twilight’ video game in the works!

Twi-hards rejoice! Just because the second installment of Breaking Dawn has wrapped, that doesn’t mean the saga of Bella and Edward is finished. talked to Bronson Pelletier, one of the smoking hot werewolves in the film, at the Roxbury Aug. 23 and he discussed the possibility of a Twilight video game.

“I did a cyber scan not too long ago and I am pretty sure they are going to make a video game pretty soon,” Bronson told us at the Deus Ex Human Revolution Launch by

We’re pretty excited to hear about the possibility of our favorite vampire empire entering the cyber world and are dying to know what elements the game will feature. Bronson said he’d like to see it as a battle game with the ultimate showdown between the vampires and werewolves.
Comment:  No, I'm not excited. I might've been excited if a Native actor had played Jacob Black, who gets most of the werewolf screen time. Once again, though, most of the fame went to a non-Native.

The ultimate showdown between vampires and werewolves? So the mostly white vampires who secretly control the world battle a small tribe of savage Indian werewolves. Sounds like a metaphor for America's sorry Native history to me.

For more on the subject, see Vampires = Imperialists in Eclipse, Race in Twilight Movie, and White Vampire Yes, Indian Werewolf No.


Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed that this wasn't about a My Little Pony game.

dmarks said...

Watch this one closely. These videogames can be huge multi-million dollar productions, with attention given to voice casting.

Will more of the Quilete parts end up going to white voice actors?

Anonymous said...

A Twilight video game? Seriously? Does anybody remember how hard it was for Nintendo to sell a Barbie game?

dmarks said...

Nintendo survived that, so forget that as an example.

Look instead at Atari and its videogame tie-in to the "ET" hit movie. That blunder severely damaged the company.