August 25, 2011

Preview of REZ

Life on the ‘REZ’:  Film to honor friend

While attending Harvard University, Dominique DeLeon became close friends with his roommate Clarence D. “Duane” Meat.

By Jake Urban
The story of the movie, titled “REZ,” is that of main character Daniel Nightbird (Alfred Seaboy), a teen living on the Leech Lake reservation.

Struggling to find work when his home forecloses, Nightbird faces a decision to make–leaving the reservation with his girlfriend or making a home in the only place he’s ever known, even if it means coming face to face with the local gang.

The acclaimed script was a hit as it won the Spike Lee Production Award at NYU film school.

“It’s honoring my friend,” DeLeon said.

What now ensues is a process to turn that script and that vision into something concrete.

“We want to make the best 30-minute film as possible,” said Producer Christian McGuigan.
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Below:  "Dominique DeLeon, right, gives advice Wednesday morning to Alfred Seaboy, the male lead actor in DeLeon’s film, REZ. The film is being shot in the Cass Lake area telling the story of character Daniel Nightbird’s life on the reservation." (Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper)

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