August 04, 2011

Adam Beach plays "young Einstein"

Adam Beach here to shoot new film until Aug. 21

By Randall KingAdam Beach will be arriving in Winnipeg this week to work on a new film for writer-director Jeremy Torrie, who produced the 2003 telefilm Cowboys and Indians: The J.J. Harper Story in which Beach played Harper.

In Torrie's film Path of Souls, Beach plays a "young Einstein" who communicates from beyond the grave with his wife, compelling her on a cross-continent journey to some of the spiritual centres of First Nations people.

"Its a really good script, (examining) Anishnabe teaching and how it fares with scientific teaching," says Beach who will also be credited as an executive producer. "The Anishnabe had a name for the Milky Way before people were looking through telescopes. (This film will) let people know that we have our oral history and teachings that mean something to us."
Comment:  For more on Adam Beach, see Adam Beach as Harrison Ford's Son and Adam Beach on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


dmarks said...

Following the path blazed by Yahoo Serious?

Anonymous said...

So, does this young Einstein go insane when the phrase "quantum mechanics" is mentioned? LOL

The Sioux have similar stories about the Milky Way.

(An aside: Our word "galaxy" comes from the name of the Milky Way.)