August 13, 2011

Oglala Sioux Tribe denounces H.I.T.

Oglala Sioux Tribe denounces anti-police Facebook pagesThe Oglala Sioux Tribe said this week that it is not affiliated with numerous Facebook accounts that are erroneously using the name of Oglala Lakota Nation and the tribe to incite anti-police sentiment in the wake of the shooting deaths of two Rapid City police officers.

The OST council issued a news release Wednesday, saying it would like to publicly disapprove of these radical individuals and/or groups who are not authorized to use the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Oglala Lakota Nation or the tribal membership in their words of hate for actions that could not be controlled by anybody.

The release said the sites were moderated by "individuals of the Facebook group "HIT (Hostile Indian Tribes)" who are not affiliated with the OST government. The postings have "caused not only controversy and confusion but highlight negative language and misrepresentation of the Lakota people and the Oglala Nation as a whole." At least some of the pages have been prohibited by Facebook after being reported for abusive language.
Comment:  The H.I.T. squad attacked me on Facebook when I mentioned them in Lonehunt Attacks Indians. They backed off after I threatened to report them to the LA district attorney's task force on cyber-stalking. Now they're getting payback for their relentless attacks on others.

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Melvin Martin said...

They are now on facebook as Akicita Oyate...