October 03, 2012

Choctaw company makes bathtubs

Bathtubs to be made at ChoctawRibbon will be cut Thursday morning opening a new manufacturing facility on the Choctaw Indian Reservation where it will produce world-class products such as the Eco-Elite Series of walk-in bathtubs.

KemPosits LLC will utilize Light Resin Transfer Moulding to produce the bathtubs at its location in the Choctaw TechParc.

"It is my pleasure to welcome KemPosits here to our Choctaw TechParc," Tribal Chief Phyliss J. Anderson said.

"This new partnership has great potential for expanding job opportunities in a high-tech manufacturing setting. KemPosits brings with it a solid reputation and reinforces the tribe's commitment in diversifying our business portfolio through composite product manufacturing opportunities generated by partnering with KemPosits."
Comment:  A good example of how thoroughly modern and sophisticated most Indians are.

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