June 17, 2013

Moccasin tops for missing women

Northern women sewing for North American moccasin project

600 moccasin tops being sewn in memory of missing, murdered indigenous womenWomen from across the North are stitching up a storm to prepare for a massive art project.

They are part of a group that's making more than 600 pairs of moccasin tops in memory of Canada's missing and murdered indigenous women.

The beaded works will be displayed as part of a travelling art installation project called Walking with Our Sisters. Each pair of moccasins symbolizes the unfinished life of a missing or murdered woman.
Comment:  For more on violence against Native women, see Young Native Fashion's "Squaw" Line and Sliver of a Full Moon.

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For more on the subject, see:


Waiting for Other Shoe to Drop: Exhibit Honors Missing, Murdered Women

“Walking With Our Sisters” is a commemorative art installation for the missing and murdered indigenous women of Canada and the United States.

Representing the unfinished lives of over 600 missing or murdered Indigenous women in Canada, the Walking With Our Sisters project contains only part of a moccasin, the vamp. The vamp, the top part of a moccasin, is most visible and is often beautifully decorated.