June 19, 2013

Taiwanese video on Washington Redskins

Must-See Video: Taiwanese Animators Take on the Racist RedskinsThe Taiwanese company Next Media Animation, which skyrocketed to pop culture cult status with its infamous 2009 Tiger Woods video, has turned its sights on Dan Snyder's NFL Washington Redskins. The resulting animated video, titled "Redskins name is racist against Native Americans and a disgrace to NFL," is, well, something that must be seen to be believed. NMA made some minor noise in Indian country last year with a Super Bowl preview cartoon, but the new anti-Redskins effort takes things to an entirely new level.

Comment:  Black, brown, and red skins to the left, white skins to the right.

Good video. And it's interesting that a Taiwanese company is tackling this subject. Many people still don't know or care about the Redskins controversy, although that's changing.

For more on the Washington Redskins, see NFL Commissioner Defends "Redskins" Name and White House Gets Redskins Question.

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