June 04, 2013

TV "prophet": Natives should repent

Christian TV ‘prophet’: Native Americans need to ‘repent for their ancestors’ animism’

By David EdwardsSelf-proclaimed television prophet Cindy Jacobs recently warned people with Native American heritage that they should “repent for their ancestors’ animism” because they are particularly vulnerable to evil spirits.

In an episode of her web series 10 Minute Prayer School last week, Jacobs said that the Leviathan spirit described in Job 41 was often the cause of “divorce, tribal wars, church splits, family feuds, sibling rivalries, ministries breaking up.”

“If you have in your bloodline any animus [sic], any Native American blood, for instance—not all Native Americans worshipped the serpent or crocodile, many did—but you might want to renounce that and repent for the generational iniquity,” she explained. “If you are—perhaps you’re Mexican and you might have indigenous blood in you or Mayan blood, those who have Aztec blood in any way, you need to repent for the sin of animism before you begin to deal with this spirit.”
Comment:  Actually, no Natives worshiped crocodiles that I know of. Especially in the US, where alligators predominate and crocodiles are rare. I doubt any Natives worshiped serpents either, though they may have worshiped deities related to serpents.

For more Christian bigotry toward Native religions, see Politician: Native Religion = "Mumbo Jumbo" and Christian Curriculum Praises Trail of Tears.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, TBN is pretty effed up. It's basically a perfect example of crank magnetism.

Theodore said...

Rob, Crocodylus intermedius, Crocodylus acutus, Crocodylus moreletii and Crocodylus rhombifer do exist. Denying the existance of rather large animal species, found in many reptile collections, is not helping your credibility.

dmarks said...

I bet this is the type of person who would force "English only" on Native Americans who still speak aboriginal languages.

Speak English or go home!!!!

Rob said...

Okay, I stand corrected on the minor point of crocodile species in the Americas. I still haven't heard of any Native crocodile worship.