June 25, 2013

One small step for American statue

Sand Springs City Council Moves Forward On Plans For 21-Story Statue

By Tess MauneA 21-story monument that's been making headlines for nearly a decade is one step closer to becoming reality.

The Sand Springs City Council met Monday night and voted on a measure that will essentially get the ball rolling on "The American" statue.

The council unanimously approved of a $48,500 engineering study that would determine the amount of infrastructure needed for the property that's been donated to the project.
And:Rogers said a study showed the statue would bring up to 2 million visitors, and their money, to the town each year.

He said the statue's home has been secured. The Charles Page Foundation has offered to donate 40 acres, just north of town in Osage County.

Gray said the foundation has also agreed to sell 600 surrounding acres of untouched land to the project.
Comment:  In a previous posting, I discussed the study about how many visitors the statue would attract. The news here is the infrastructure study.

Note that the study hasn't produced any results yet--results that might say the project isn't feasible. All they're talking about is launching the study.

So the creator and the city have taken perhaps the 10th or 20th step on a 100-step journey. Let us know when they're more than a fraction of the way to completion, okay?

For more on the subject, see Is The American Still Feasible?

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