May 10, 2007

Indigo Girls play for renewable energy

Indigo Girls, Honor the Earth concert to honor Southwest[T]he concert was designed to benefit the local Just Transition Coalition (JTC) and their work to establish a new, safe energy economy-one based on the vast renewable energy potential of Native lands.

"The grassroots organizing in this region is compelling and inspiring. In the midst of such a destructive energy paradigm, Native communities are working to affect positive change and provide an alternative," Ray explained.

But wait, there's more...Honor The Earth executive director Winona LaDuke will also be at the concert to speak in support of the JTC and the need for sustainable energy in contemporary societies.
Nor is this something new for the Indigo Girls:Recognizing the need to help rural communities in this predicament, the Indigo Girls joined with Honor the Earth in 1992.

"Our work with Honor the Earth started out because the Native American environment was, to me, on the forefront and really wasn't getting recognition," Ray said. "We were drawn to working with communities to continue their way of life and to bring the good things of progress like solar energy, wind power...and to work to strengthen--not take, but give."

Honor the Earth works to increase funding and public support for Native communities to protect the earth. The organization's work extends throughout North and South America and is heavily invested in developing renewable, sustainable forms of energy on Native lands.

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