September 14, 2007

Hunt triggers hate

Harjo:  Whale-killing incident revives anti-Indian racismThe following set of five comments was carried at as news of the whale hunt broke:

"So much honor these indians have. So close to the earth and oh so spiritual. It's no wonder they were given the name of savages." (patricksqueri1)

"Remember this bit of BS the next time you drop a quarter in a slot machine on an Indian reservation." (handofgloom)

"What COWARDS these people are. The claim to be killing whales as part of their heritage. I guess machine guns are part of that heritage. They should stick to drinking booze and falling down." (simonbacat)

"I agree Patrick. Savages is a well given name for these cowards." (kevinb2005420)

"The tribe will do nothing because they feel they are above the law." (twinzfanz96)
Comment:  I wonder if they say the same thing when American soldiers kill Iraqi civilians. When white boys go on shooting rampages. Or when their hunter pals kill any large game animal.

Probably not.

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Anonymous said...

This is for all of the SHIT talkers out there ... you think that you are better then Indians but your not...your just a piece of shit .... we have to get our treaties just so we could do what our ancestors did ... then there are a bunch of you how are following your ancestors, depriving the native americans from there heritage ... then not all native americans are alcoholics. just because we can build better casinos and restruants, doesn't mean that you have to go all bitchy with the native americans...the only reason that all you white people have some place to stay, all the white people cheated us out of our lands and cultures. you hav eland because you stole it from the Native Americans and then you weren't happy there, you son of bitches had to try to ensalve all of us ... well there is so much more that i could say about you piece of shits out there ... but will tell you more if you keep on talking this shit ... well PEACE you son of bitches