September 05, 2007

Most censored Native stories?

Most Censored 2007 award to Indigenous PeoplesThe "Project Censored 2007" awards are out and most of what was censored in Indian country was ignored. American Indian readers of the Censored blog say these topics were the most censored during the past year:

  • Silencing of traditional and grassroots' voices by those in power
  • Nuclear, uranium and coal genocide of Indigenous
  • Border deaths and abuse of Indigenous; racism in border news reporting
  • American Indian delegations in Venezuela
  • Zapatistas' meetings at US/Mexico border
  • Leonard Peltier

  • The silencing of traditional and grassroots' voices by those in power includes tribal leaders and councils who have silenced the voices of spiritual leaders and other people in their communities. Those in power continue censoring these voices in the tribally-owned news media; by court actions; local political oppression and access to tribal services.
    Comment:  Norrell is referring to her own Censored blog, so her opinion on what stories were most censored is suspect.

    Her view on what stories are newsworthy is probably different from mine. For instance, regardless of what you think of Leonard Peltier, was there some breakthrough in his case that went unreported? Not that I know of.

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