September 01, 2007

The Only Good Indian team

Topeka child actors take part in movie being shot in KansasTom Carmody, screenwriter of "The Only Good Indian," said resistance by the Kickapoos to shedding their customs and adopting white customs is the movie's theme.

Carmody, also a film producer, said the filmmakers are working closely with the Kickapoo tribe in Horton.

"We're just thrilled they're allowing us to use their tribal language and customs in the film," Carmody said. In one scene, Frank and 10-year-old Richard McKinney, who Carmody calls a "natural" actor, speak in Kickapoo.

Willmott is writer and director of "C.S.A.: Confederate States of America," a 2005 satire of what the United States would be like had the South won the Civil War. Willmott also is writer, director and producer of "Bunker Hill," another film shot in Kansas. "Bunker Hill" is in post-production work.

James McDaniel, the actor who played Lt. Arthur Fancy on the TV series "NYPD Blue," is the executive producer of "The Only Good Indian."
Comment:  Since Willmott wrote and directed CSA, I guess he's interested in movies with historical and racial themes. Since McDaniel also starred in Edge of America, I guess he's interested in movies with Native themes. Kudos to them for using their clout to do more than the standard escapist fare.

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