December 14, 2007

The Cherokee banana republic

Russell:  Cherokees double down with Chad Smith[N]ow the Cherokee constitutional republic stands without checks and balances, with all power flowing one direction. For the first time this election, I did not support Smith, but that was over the freedmen issue, not because I had any clue that he had bought into the politics of personality. In his defense, what did we expect when that style of politics had been practiced against him without quarter or common sense from the day he took office?

The United States has just spent seven years without checks and balances. Unless Cherokees are better than ordinary Americans, being without checks and balances will bring corruption and further erosions of sovereignty if not another constitutional crisis. This is not about Chad Smith. Next election, we should not look for a strong man or woman on a white horse to clean up the mess. A sweep by the anti-Smiths would have been just as bad.

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