December 11, 2007

Hair-pulling at the Hard Rock

Rocker's Girl in Club CatfightThe legendary Aerosmith frontman and his blond bombshell girlfriend, Erin Brady, were partying in the club's VIP room in the wee hours of Saturday morning when Brady got into a brawl with another clubgoer, the sources said.

The club is inside a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on a Seminole reservation. "A woman from the tribe was trying to take a picture of Steven Tyler," said one witness. "At the same time, Steven's girlfriend was coming back, I think from the restroom. Apparently, Erin got in the way of the picture or something, and some words were exchanged."

That's when the fur started flying, reports The Post's Brad Hamilton and Angela Montefinise.

"Next thing everyone knows, the two girls are going at it," the witness said. "Scratching, hair-pulling, hitting. It lasted about six seconds, then security broke it up . . . Steven got up to try to pull them apart, but it happened so fast, he really didn't have time to do anything. Security was right on top of it."

Cops from the Seminole Police Department arrived at the club around 4 a.m. and questioned all parties involved.

"They questioned Steven and his girlfriend in back of the club for about an hour," said the witness. "But no one was arrested."

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