December 08, 2007

Mohawks traffic in online gaming

60 Percent of World's Online Gambling Runs Through Mohawk Controlled and its focus on the family claims that 60 percent of the world's online gambling traffic is run through Mohawk controlled servers in the Kahnawake region just outside Quebec, Canada. Among those the website says Kahnawake is responsible for: Golden Palace, the online casino known for its elaborate stunts in paying streakers to run around the fields at major sporting events wearing only a Golden Palace tattoo. That online gambling website was recently fined $2 million, but the family action group feels that is not a strong enough penalty.

Chad Hills, analyst for gambling research and policy at Focus on the Family Action, said the Internet gambling industry is “out of control,” and Canadian and American policymakers need to establish “clear policies or effective oversight for tribal gambling operations.”


Anonymous said...

It's good to see that the Indians are making money in the online gambling industry. Maybe some of the politicians can learn some lessons from them.

Anonymous said...
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