December 08, 2007

NAPT shares Native stories

NAPT Unveils New Strategic Plan and MissionTo increase distribution of its audio and video products, Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) is introducing a new strategic plan and mission statement: "NAPT shares Native stories with the world." The organization has approved three new board members to help implement the ambitious plan.

"The Internet is playing a huge part in being able to share NAPT productions beyond public television and radio stations," said Shirley Sneve (Rosebud Sioux), NAPT executive director. "This is an exciting time for the organization and for Native people as we continue to use multiple sources of media to document and tell our stories."

NAPT plans to expand its original content by producing more audio podcasts and broadening its Native Radio Theater productions. NAPT also plans to unveil a new Web site in 2008 to uniformly present its products, AIROS and VisionMaker Video.
Tuning In...NAPT’s Upcoming Public Television ProductionsIn an open call, NAPT received 36 proposals requesting more than $3 million in funding. NAPT allocated $260,000 to filmmakers with funds from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Projects funded in 2007 include:

  • GRAB:  A feature documentary that explores the Grab Day culture in the villages of Laguna Pueblo, as told by one family as they prepare for the annual event.

  • Native Century:  Native Americans return from WWI to pursue freedom at home.

  • Power Paths:  An exploration of energy through the eyes of Native Americans as they reveal their quest to tap wind, solar, biomass and other power sources for their communities and cities across the country.

  • Sacred Stick:  An examination of the historical, cultural and spiritual aspects of lacrosse.

  • Waterbuster:  Fifty years ago, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers systematically dammed and flooded Indian reservations along the Upper Missouri River, severing crucial ties in Native communities.
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    dmarks said...

    Very interesting, especially "Waterbuster". I visited the place covered in this documentary.