December 03, 2007

Navajos' graffiti-inspired clothing

Diné designers go Hip HopThe couple's shared love of fashion, coupled with Begay's business sense, led to the launch of UN3EK SY5TEM in the fall of 2005. The name reflects the American Indian philosophy, Powless said.

"The unique system represents every tribe," he said. "It represents the system they used to survive, how they struggled to keep their cultures, beliefs and traditions alive."

The name also reflects Powless's interest in graffiti, he said, and it distinguishes the company from similar clothing names on the market.

"It seems every graffiti artist uses the word unique," Powless said. "We wanted to stand out."

That philosophy is apparent in all of the company's designs, Begay said. The selling point is the big, bold images on the T-shirts. The young designers also are expanding the line to include jewelry, skirts, dresses and shoes—all with a look Begay calls "edgy and fresh."
Comment:  Is the company name "Un-three-ek"? No, it's "Uneek" as in "unique."

It wouldn't have occurred to choose a name that's potentially confusing. That tells you how un-hip and un-edgy I am.

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