December 02, 2007

Photographer is among top 10

Working in the light of home

Photographer captures the beauty of Grand Portage"By virtue of living here, it gives you kind of an insight into a place that you really cannot gain any other way," said Novitsky, an enrolled Grand Portage Band member. "If you're someone like me who spent most of your time outside growing up, I think your subconscious makes mental note of these things. ... You know at different times of the year just how the light is going to hit the tree."

What he knows and the skills that he has honed are earning him recognition for his photography. His photos have been published in regional magazines and are exhibited in the recently opened visitor center at the Grand Portage National Monument. He sells prints and calendars. In an online forum called Digital Image Cafe, he is among the top 10 photographers whose work most frequently wins the "Photo of the Day" contest. His Web site and blog are at
Comment:  Awesome pictures, Travis, wherever you are.

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