December 03, 2007

Spokane business gets makeover

Fortune helps Sister Sky with small biz makeoverFortune Small Business went to the Spokane Reservation in Washington to help two sisters with a "makeover" of their growing business.

Monica Simeon, 40, and Marina TurningRobe, 41, founded Sister Sky in 1999. The company sells natural bath and body products based on traditional recipes.

By targeting tribal casinos and selling online, Sister Sky's revenues will top $550,000 this year, up from $225,000 in 2006. But Simeon and TurningRobe are worried that they can't keep up with the rapid growth and want to keep costs down.

The FSB makeover team tells the sisters not to dilute their products by offering a low-cost line. The experts urge them to step back from the daily operations and make long-term plans. They also suggest small changes to the way the products are made and stored in order to speed up production and keep control of costs.

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