March 10, 2008

Excerpts from New Amsterdam

Some excerpts from Fox's New Amsterdam series. Tamara Podemski as the Native "shaman" appears at the 2:37 mark.

For my review of the show, see New Amsterdam:  Indians and Immortality.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Episode three of NEW AMSTERDAM presented some intriguing bits of information. Amsterdam allowed the woman doctor who had pronounced him dead back in the pilot episode, to examine him and subject him to medical tests as she may be 'the one whose soul is destined to entwine with his.' Among her findings: he certainly is alive; two, his propensity for healing cannot be explained; and three, his DNA makeup includes some Native American markers, though he denies being of Native descent. The implication to writerfella is that a portion of the life-restoring incantations performed over him back in the 1600s included some form of tissue transference from the healer through 'psychic surgery.' Obviously, the detail is there only for origin and verisimilitude purposes as the storyline is not going to plunge into expository lump to explain matters in greater detail. Superman flies, let's move on. And thus any 'Native American input or content' remains peripheral and simply McGuffin to the series itself. The overall texture of the series becomes a generally pervasive reflection on history as the main character is his own living history that allows him a singularly powerful presence.
Originally ordered for Fall 2007, Fox cut back its order to seven episodes from thirteen and then bumped its debut to 2008. The writers' strike gave the show an unexpected importance and impetus as it was new material when there was next to none. Thus, Fox is watching its performance exceedingly close and we who love such frothy fun only can hope...
All Best
Russ Bates