March 13, 2008

The real Catman

This Indian is straight out of Ripley's Believe It or Not...literally.

The real CatmanAnd I’m not talking about the comic-book hero, but about the real cat-man...or Stalking Cat as he likes to be addressed to.

David Avner, a native American, part Huron, part Lakota has spent more than $200.000 on plastic surgery to make himself look as a tiger, his totem animal. He even had all of his teeth removed and replaced them with feline-like ones, he has tattooed his face with stripes, he modified his upper lip and inserted stainless steel implants to insert whiskers in, he had his ears surgically pointed and inserted silicone in different areas of his face.
Comment:  You can see more images of Stalking Cat at the Oddity Central blog.


dmarks said...

If that's the guy I saw before, I think he had huge whiskers.

Rob said...

When did you see him before? Tell us more.

dmarks said...

It was on a TV show related forum that has been down close to a year now. There was a forum post containing a whole lot of odd piercings. I recall a man who looked a LOT like this, but he had stiff white plastic whiskers instead of studs in his upper lip.

Someone immediately made a comment about how those whiskers could poke out your eye. I suspect it is the same guy, and he made his visage a little less dangerous.

dmarks said...

Here is the whisker version. It did not take time to find, with a google imagessearch on cat man.

Anonymous said...

he was on ripley's believe it or not before