March 12, 2008

Welsh Society wants Madoc plaque

Storm over missing Madoc plaqueA WELSH society from Alabama in the USA are up in arms over a missing plaque dedicated to Welsh Prince Madoc.

The Alabama Welsh Society are currently petitioning the Mayor of the city of Mobile, Sam Jones, to resite the monument after it was removed by the Parks Department 20 years ago.

Prince Madoc is believed to have landed at Mobile Bay in 1170--over 300 years before Christopher Columbus--after setting off from Rhos on Sea with his brother Rhirid following the death of their father Owain Gwynedd.

Although Madoc is the subject of much historical speculation, his legacy is still strong in America where him and his group are believed to have settled amongst a Native American tribe.
Comment:  For more on the story, see Madoc and the Welsh Indians and Mandans = Welshmen?


gsgsrgs said...

Put the Plaque Back!! Please sign the online petition!

More info here:-

Rob said...

For a moment, I thought you were with an anti-dentist group. Who else would be pro-plaque? ;-)

gsgsrgs said...

LOL..I have strong feelings on the subject of dentistry too but I guess I'll save those for another occasion. Meanwhile the petition is going from strength to strength and The Alabama Welsh have done a really great job! The issue is really about the American Welsh, a minority that usually shuts up and takes whatever comes its way, actually asserting itself for once. Its all about the plaque! BRING BACK THE PLAQUE!