April 08, 2008

England's only wigwam village

Wigwams, a must for your tribe[H]idden away on a busy cattle farm, a stone’s throw from the A1, are wooden wigwams nestled alongside huge canvas tepees and yurts.

The homes, made famous by the Native Americans, are becoming a popular haunt for hundreds of holidaymakers from Tyneside who are eager to indulge in green holidays.

“We always said we wanted to do something different and we dared to be different to everyone else, ” says Christine Whiteford, who owns the camp with her husband John, a farmer.

“We are the only wigwam village in England.”

The scene at Pot-A-Doodle-Do could be straight from the nomadic plains.

The wigwams, which sleep up to six people, have all been given their own names such as Lone Ranger and Jesse James and are situated on a grassy bank close to a Finnish wooden barbecue hut, home to regular camp fires.
Comment:  Love those names. Yeah, the Lone Ranger and Jesse James are the epitome of Indian culture. Cowboys define Indians; without them, Indians wouldn't exist. Indians were just mindless savages, living like animals, until cowboys came along and gave them a reason to live.

I wonder if anything else in the "wigwam village" is problematical. I'm guessing it is.

Below:  A "wigwam hotel" in the US.


dmarks said...

The most well-known Wigwam motel at this point is probably the "Cozy Cone" featured in the Fixar animted film "Cars", which is based on a "Wigwam Motel" in Route 66.

The one in the cartoon, however, I think escapes stereotype mention, because it is traffic cones. The tipi resemblance never occured to me until reading this post, and I've seen "Cars" a few times now.

Now, did you miss that the wigwams are really tipis?

Rob said...

The wigwam/cone hotels in Cars? I think I knew they were supposed to be a takeoff on Route 66's Wigwam Hotel. Which is supposed to be a takeoff on a village of Plains-style tipis.