April 07, 2008

In a league of their own

The Joba-Jacoby Show: Let Them Take You Out to the BallgameIn their own unique way, a Navajo and a Winnebago are climbing the ladder of, well, actually a specific term does not come to mind considering these two baseball players are doing something no Native has quite done, ever.

And America is paying attention.

With all due respect to Jim Thorpe, Louis Sockalexis, Charles Bender and other Native baseball greats, Jacoby Ellsbury, 24, and Joba Chamberlain, 22, are in a league of their own.

Ellsbury, a quick-footed outfielder who floats around bases, plays for the Boston Red Sox and Chamberlain, a pitcher with a flamethrower for a right arm, tosses out of the New York Yankees bullpen.

The Boston Globe and Herald are having a feeding frenzy with Ellsbury while in New York, The Times, Post, Daily News and Newsday can't get enough of Chamberlain. TV networks are just as giddy about these two.

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