April 08, 2008

Loose ends in Loose End

A writer named Donna Pacini has written a children's book called The Loose End of the Rainbow. She's trying to get it published, or at least distributed to receptive audiences. Since it's about Native people, she’s asked me for help a few times.

I tried to suggest that this might not be her best move. You don't necessarily want the most critical person in the world to read your unpublished manuscript. Especially when it features a generic group of Indians, as this story does.

But Pacini kept after me, so I finally agreed to read the first chapter or so. Here's my book report.

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Rob said...

A comment from correspondent Amy Harlib:

Particularly liked the reviews of 'Next' and the way you tore the Pacini book apart. Her art skills are very good though. She should stick to illustrating.