September 06, 2008

Didgeridoo and flute duet

Into the world of Aboriginal Australia

Didgeridoo player Ash Dargan and Native flutist Morgan Fawcett to performMusic. Didgeridoo. Imagery. Aboriginal culture.

These are some of the elements of Ash Dargan's multimedia show, "Territory: Journeys into Dreamtime," which he will present in a concert alongside Native American flute player Morgan Fawcett at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 7.

The show is a benefit for the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Clinic, which is hosting a week-long campaign to raise awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. FASD covers a range of disabilities associated with prenatal exposure to alcohol, and includes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

"I'm a storyteller. I play the didgeridoo and I translate the living soul of the landscape of my country through a deeply traditional and cultural lens," Dargan said.

Dargan is an Aborigine from the Larrakia tribe in the Northern Territory of Australia. His show mixes music, storytelling and video images with both modern and traditional elements to offer the listener or viewer a deeper view of his homeland.

"I play the story and I show the story. It's like a three-dimensional sensory experience and it's all about indigenous culture in Australia," Dargan said.

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