September 09, 2008

"Emperor" of "lost tribe" claims sovereignty

A long horse tale may land in courtTwo horses kept in a North Ward backyard may be sparking an international incident.

The city of Trenton, which takes the position that keeping a horse in a backyard is illegal, may soon be in conflict with the Abannaki Aboriginal Nation after a deadline for the horses to be removed lapses tomorrow.

Never heard of the Nation? Emperor El Bey, who lives on the 200 block of Ellis Avenue and owns the horses, has all the information.

"This is a place to rest and this is an embassy for my sovereign nation," he says.

El Bey was happy to see a reporter who arrived at the home yesterday evening, and had dozens of pages of documents which he purported bore out his story.

"You just tell me what you think," he said.

El Bey, a young, trim, well-dressed black man with a salt and pepper beard that makes him look older, says he is a descendent of the Abannaki tribe, American Indians who settled in Canada and the United States 2,000 years ago. These Indians were actually Moors, the members of the fabled Lost Tribe of Israel, he says.

El Bey said his four grandfathers were kings, and his claim to the monarchy includes lands in Trenton, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Alabama. The horses were brought from the land in Oklahoma and, as El Bey considers the half of the duplex he resides in as foreign soil, he is free to do as he wishes with the property.


dmarks said...

"These Indians were actually Moors, the members of the fabled Lost Tribe of Israel, he says."

This will spark a heated debate between George Costanza and the bubble-boy:

"Moors... Moops! Moors... Moops! Moors.... Moops!"

Anonymous said...

A moor is a prson of darkskin there is no such thing as afro-american, black , white, etc Youre either a moor or your european El bey is claiming land and government that belonged to his family well before the european settlers who came in the late 1400"s This land is what we know as Burlington County His families tribe was also known as the burl clan which originated from the witchataw tribe george washington is very familiar with this tribe because it is he who chopped down the cherry tree which was there flag?government and took his last name from them these moors were already settled when washington extorted them So for europeans to think this is there country they are wrong

Anonymous said...

this country already had people and government Why do we need birth certificates because we are all walking corporations just like the flag oops i mean star spangled banner see its a banner not a flag us as moors must buy back our birth certificates and claim ourselves as moors just like El Bey did and then we will have our own government like some of our ancestors did before they were extortd