September 15, 2008

Family Guy offends everybody?

In More Indian Bits in Family Guy, a correspondent had this to say about the series:It's racist against everybody. ... [W]e will be here for days if we discuss the politically incorrectness of the show.My response:  I think I've seen every episode of Family Guy. How about you?

There are at least three shows devoted to Indian subjects. Plus several more with Indian bits. In contrast, there's only one show each about blacks, Latinos, the Irish, and Southerners. And that's about it for ethnic episodes.

The shows where Peter thinks he's black or Latino are mildly positive, ultimately confirming the worth of each minority. In contrast, the shows about Indians are full of negative stereotypes with no redeeming value. There's no contest; Indians get it worse than any other minority.

So no, Family Guy isn't equally racist toward everyone. This is the kind of simplistic comment made by people who can't count. Watch all the episodes and tally the slurs against each minority; then tell me Family Guy is an equal opportunity offender.

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