September 13, 2008

Hopi in Star Trek

From a Deep Space Nine episode I just watched:

HopiThe Hopi were a group of Native Americans originally from the Southwestern United States. A talented Hopi once taught Jadzia Dax a rope trick, which she used, in 2370, as a way of explaining to Kira Nerys about her plan of using a tractor beam at warp to "rope" a runaway runabout. (DS9: "Paradise")Roping a spacecraft at faster-than-light speeds and pulling it to a stop? Ridiculous.

This is the first reference to a specific American Indian tribe I've heard since TOS's The Paradise Syndrome. That was when Spock identified the Natives as "a mixture of Navajo, Mohican, and Delaware, I believe." Of course, I haven't seen a lot of TNG. uses this isolated incident as evidence that not all of Earth's Native Americans have migrated to other planets.

EarthIf Curzon's Hopi Indian friend is any indication, not all tribes or their individuals resisted acculturation and sought out the founding of an off-world colony such as Dorvan V or Chakotay's homeworld.Of course, Dax didn't say it was Curzon who met the Hopi Indian. It could've been any of the Trill's hosts.

Ships of the Delta Triangle--Volume II--U.S.S. AliquippaThe Star Fleet Large Survey Vessel U.S.S. Aliquippa

Hopi Class Vessel: Registry NCC-1458

Illustrations, History and Technical Data for the following:

U.S.S. Hopi Large Survey Vessel (Post 2282 Refit)
U.S.S. Aliquippa Large Survey Vessel (At Reported Date of Loss)
Ganymede Long-Range Research Shuttlecraft
Callisto Stellar Survey Shuttlecraft

Volume 02 in a series of ships originally seen in the Star Trek: The Animated Series episode The Time Trap.
How obsessive do you have to be to want to identify the ships shown briefly in an animated Trek episode? Pretty obsessive.

Note that Aliquippa is also a Native name. Queen Aliquippa was a tribal leader in colonial America.

This is another example of how the trivial background starships get Native names while the main-screen starships get Western names. I discussed the previous example in Cherokee-Class Starships.

Chronology Of Written Star Trek Fiction1889:  Arizona ranger John Dawson discovers an ancient transporter within a Hopi ruin in southwest Colorado. He leaves behind his Colt .45 Peacemakers on the planet Equinox. ("The Peacemakers," Strange New Worlds V)

2371:  Picard, Crusher and Data investigate ruins on the planet Equinox in the Cardassian Neutral Zone which are identical to those of the Hopi Indians on Earth. ("The Peacemakers," Strange New Worlds V)
Finally, here's a New-Age reference that makes no sense. I gather someone thinks a Hopi myth about "The Way of the Nine" foreshadowed Deep Space Nine.

Dragon Script Grail in DNAAt explored in depth the known political structure of the Annunaki--which as well documented by Sitchin--was called THE NINE. In brief this became the Egyptian Ennead, the NINE steps of Palenque and Dante's Inferno--path thru death, and later the Hopi name PESHMEHTEN--WAY OF THE NINE--for the space trade charge implosive gravity wind toward ORION--caused by the fractal relation between our solar system in dodeca symmetry to Sirius/Pleades and Orion. After his training with Phyllis Schlemmer, Star Wars author called this DEEP SPACE NINE.As far as I know, the Hopi attach no special importance to the number nine. If I were going to bet, I'd bet that some New Ager invented or exaggerated the so-called Hopi "Way of the Nine."

For more on the subject, see The Indian-Star Trek Connection.


dmarks said...

Here is a fun page about The Nine, with a couple of cool Men in Black pictures.

As for "After his training with Phyllis Schlemmer, Star Wars author called this DEEP SPACE NINE"

It is like there are words missing from the above sentence. But it is not your fault: it is that way in the source. It looks to me like a claim that Phyllis Schlemmer is a Star Wars author. However, her name does not come up in association with any of the Star Wars books.

Rob said...

It's not clear, but I'd interpret the passage this way:

After the (unnamed) Star Wars author's training with Phyllis Schlemmer, he called this DEEP SPACE NINE.

Dan Winter said...

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(hopi term for it was

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