September 14, 2008

Preview of Salvage

'Salvage,' directed by Sheila Tousey and written by Diane GlancyNative Voices at the Autry proudly presents the world premiere of Salvage by Diane Glancy (Cherokee), a taut, suspenseful drama about a hard-working family whose lives are turned upside down by a deadly accident.

Play Synopsis: Cut Bank, Montana. Blackfeet country. Here, a hard-working family scratches out a life running a salvage yard. A deadly accident throws them into a turbulent world of doubt, recrimination, and vengeance, pushing their lives into horrific new territory. Can traditional ways pull them back to safety or will their lives be torn apart forever?
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Plays and Other Stage Shows.


Jean said...

Hi Rob - It's the World Premiere - a full Equity production at Native Voices at the Autry Oct. 31 - Nov. 23 -- not a preview! Salvage has had numerous workshops and readings (including readings at the Public Theater and the La Jolla playhouse).


Rob said...

Jean, I meant that this blog item is a preview of the play for my readers. Not that the performance of the play is a preview rather than a full production.