September 11, 2008

Seeking stuttering Sammy

The Brady Braves blog notes the following posting:

Seeking actors for Independent Sitcom PilotIndependent production company seeks cast for situational comedy. A fresh new take on the sitcom genre, this pilot features zany characters, atypical sitcom shenanigans, and of course a heart felt message. Possible pay and future roles if the pilot goes to series.And describes whom it's seeking:

attn: pseudo-Indian actors named "Sammy"besides looking for a "Mr Falafel: A Pakistani character destined to become the breakout star," the company's searching for a Native character: "Sammy: Sammy is a Native American chain smoker, ex-heavy drinker with a stuttering problem. Sammy enjoys chain-smoking, reminiscing about drinking red wine in unconventional manners, and stuttering" ... uplifting and inspirational, ennit? so, move over John Redcorn--here comes Sammy the Indian who "enjoys ... stuttering" and sharing stories of ("unconventional") alcoholism while smoking off-brand Marlboros? based on "Indians"-in-comedic-TV history, look for CBS to pick this one up ...Comment:  A Pakistani character named Falafel? But "falafel" is Arabic, not Urdu or Punjabi. Oops.

So Sammy the Native character has three traits, none of them appealing? And he enjoys stuttering? Yeah, because it's so much fun to have society ridicule you.

The only other ethnic character specified in the casting call is:Kevin: The fried green tomato/onion of the group. Kevin is an African American homosexual occasional cross dresser who says what he thinks and thinks what he says, regardless of how little sense it makes. He is our favorite character.So the show is three for three: three ethnic characters, three characters to be stereotyped and mocked. Nice.

For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.

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