October 15, 2010

Paladino threatens New York's Indians

NY governor candidates promise ongoing tobacco tax war--and more

By Gale Courey Toensing“The fact that the past three governors have neglected to go up and enforce the law because they’re afraid of somebody standing on top of a police car, or they’re afraid of somebody burning some tires in the street, that’s not me,” Paladino said, referring to the tobacco battles of 1997 when the Seneca Nation shut down a section of the New York Thruway that runs through its territory.

“Let one [Indian protester] stand on top of a police car in my administration; it would be the last time they stood on top of a police car,” Paladino said.

His words echoed the threats of violence against Indians made recently by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who advised Gov. David Paterson to arm himself like a cowboy to shut down the Seneca Nation’s tobacco economy.

But Paladino goes even further. If elected, he plans to shut down Turning Stone Resort Casino, owned by the Oneida Indian Nation, because he says it is operating illegally. And he promises to re-open the 2001 Seneca Nation’s gaming compact, presumably to grab more Indian money for the state.

“As governor, he would shut down Turning Stone until a legal contract could be approved by the Legislature. And any settlement would be required to include back pay for any worker who lost wages due to the Indian nation’s unwillingness to cooperate,” Paladino’s campaign manager Michael R. Caputo, said.

According to the Oneida Indian Nation, Paladino’s comments are wrong in many ways.

“Paladino is wrong legally. The federal government has exclusive jurisdiction to determine the legality of tribal gaming. The secretary of Interior approved the Oneida compact in 1993. The Department of Interior reaffirmed in 2007 that the compact remains in effect. The federal courts have ruled that the Oneida compact cannot be challenged. Challenges to the compact have been dead for a long time now. With this sort of reckless approach to governing, Paladino has shown he is unfit to be the governor,” the nation said in a statement.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see New York Wants to Terminate Senecas and Paterson Criticizes Bloomberg's Remarks.


dmarks said...

This is one that could have very well used the tag "conservatives".

Burt said...

It seems that laws in the US at almost every level of government, whether federal, state, county and city are arbitrarily changed and manipulated to appease the wealthy.

Whatever happened to the dog eat dog practices used against natives in this nation’s history of doing business or "free enterprise" in competitive markets?

When natives are dying from alcoholism and panhandling on corners, Americans don’t mind or care, but when we start making lead way in business matters and profits, tribes are “forced” to pay their “fair share” and suddenly Americans become communist and think tribes should contribute to communities that once hoped, partook and legislated genocide.

If New York politicians want violence, I’m sure they can be appeased with such wishes, but it amazes me how on one hand, New Yorkers were attacked on 911 by foreign terrorists and seemed “shocked” to wonder why asking, “what did we do wrong to these people”, while on the other hand they find it necessary to provoke and insult tribes that have existed on these lands before anyone decided to name this place New York, can Americans be this stupid to afford more enemies within combined with the rest of the world as well?

dmarks said...

Burt, pretty good point on the "gaming compacts". The Natives of these tribes already pay taxes. I don't see a need for casinos to pay special taxes as "permission' to operate. Let them build casinos. If people do not like them, they will not go and fail. That should be all the permission that is needed. (This being said, some tribes are quite happy to contribute funds to the "community" just outside of the reservation. It's their right to do so if they wish).

On to the other topic, "New Yorkers were attacked on 911 by foreign terrorists and seemed “shocked” to wonder why asking, “what did we do wrong to these people”,"

"We" made the terrorists wealthy and possible: trade with the US made Bin Laden quite rich. But the US is not a brutal Islamic theocracy, and we have too much tolerance for religious freedom, "filthy Juden" and the like. That was what was unforgivable, to them.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, Paladino is not going to get elected. Just being a porn spammer should be enough; I don't even like the Internet memes my friends send me that aren't porn.

Burt said...

I am glad you brought that up dmarks about tribes contributing to communities across the nation.

Does it ever occur to non-natives who oppose gaming and tribal enterprises that tribes in the US are less likely and almost never SHIP JOBS OVERSEAS and that the communities where casinos and tribal businesses operate keep revenues locally and support local infrastructures?

I am not pro-gaming first of all, but if these gaming enterprises invest locally, nationally, and do add to state budgets, where does native American businesses and jobs not promote the old adage of, "made in America" or "buy American" while earning praises instead of condemnation?

After all, if the mafias that still exists in the US were put under as much scrutiny as tribal gaming is, there might not have been such a powerful mafia presence or history in the US, but I bet if the SOPRANOS were Apaches or Pequots, the FBI would have solved that problem long ago?

I have a theory that at some point in this nations history, natives businesses and gaming may well be the last breath of American businesses on American soil.

Rob said...

I didn't sense that Paladino was making his threat because of his conservative outlook. It seemed like more of a personality quirk. Like an expression of his pugnacious nature regardless of his beliefs.

I could label everyone who utters an offensive remark "conservative," but it would be wrong. I do it only when the remark seems to be part of a political ideology. See, I have standards!

Rob said...

P.S. As expected, Paladino lost his election bid.