August 14, 2010

Bloomberg suggests shooting Senecas

Bloomberg Tells Paterson To Cowboy Up, Crack Down On Senecas Selling Tax-Free Smokes On NY ThruwayMayor Bloomberg, channeling his inner Wyatt Earp, shot himself in the foot Friday.

The tough-talking mayor infuriated Native Americans by urging Gov. Paterson to handle a dispute over cigarette taxes by delivering some Dodge City-style justice.

"I've said this to David Paterson, I said, 'You know, get yourself a cowboy hat and a shotgun,'" said Bloomberg, blasting from the hip on his weekly radio show.

"If there's ever a great video, it's you standing in the middle of the New York State Thruway saying, you know, 'Read my lips--the law of the land is this, and we're going to enforce the law.'"

The politically incorrect crack--pitting cowboy Paterson against the state's Indians--drew a pointed rebuke from Barry Snyder Sr., president of the Seneca Nation of Indians.

"Regrettably, Mayor Bloomberg has made some reckless and insensitive statements to the people of the Seneca Nation, all Native Americans living in New York State and throughout the country," Snyder fired back.
Comment:  At least he didn't say, "Gov. Paterson should scalp them before they scalp us."

Someone on Facebook commented:You'd think Jewish people would be sensitive to negative stereotypes and the rights of nation/states who are seen as the "minority."Yep. Imagine if Seneca president Snyder or anyone told Bloomberg, "Shape up or we'll throw you in the oven." That's roughly the equivalent of telling Indians you're going to sic a cowboy with a shotgun on them.

Bloomberg's "law of the land" argument isn't necessarily the final word. The Senecas claim their treaty right exempts them from cigarette taxes. The non-Indians disagree, and so far the courts have backed them. But the Seneca response seems to be: Our sovereignty trumps your laws and court decisions, not the other way around.

Underlying this, of course, is the savage Indian stereotype. Bloomberg is implying the Senecas are unwilling or unable to resolve the conflict peacefully. I.e., outside the bounds of civilization. Shooting is what you do to savages and other wild animals you can't negotiate with.

For more on the subject, see Obama = "Town Destroyer"? and Senecas to Collect Thruway Tolls.

Below:  Does Bloomberg want to crush the Seneca figuratively?

Or literally?


dmarks said...

Another example of liberal racism.

GENO said...

"Dodge City style justice"


That is if you are a nudnik cowboy living in Dodge City. Indian Country has never recognized "city" laws during that time.

"Just another example of" a Zionist(ZOG) who feel they are superior to all.

Rob said...

Liberal racism? Bloomberg is a moderate Republican.

dmarks said...

Bloomburg is leftist/liberal, but ran as a Republican to get elected in New York City's political environment. He's always been known as one.

Geno: Cracking open Mein Kampf again, I see.

Chief Kosher Krew Kut said...


Why are you stuck in this liberal/conservative trap of labeling?

Stupidty has no political leanings.

I tried to speak my mind months ago about the "Jewish" phenomenon of hate towards Native Americans and got blasted for being anti-semitic and even got called a "nazi-boy".


dmarks, it seems you put your foot in your mouth when you are name-calling, but when you speak without emotion, you can make some pretty meaningful insights.

Is it proper to say that someone should assassinate the mayor and governor? How much criticism would that receive?

How do you see liberal in similiar remarks made from both Bloomberg and Rush Limbaugh?

dmarks said...

"Why are you stuck in this liberal/conservative trap of labeling?"

Actually, it in response to Rob's frequent pointing out of racist conservatives (and he calls them that). When racist liberals come up for conversation, he puts the labels aside entirely.

Chief, were you the one who went on and on about how the Holocaust is less important because all Jews are rich? If that was you, you certainly earned the nazi-boy label.

"dmarks, it seems you put your foot in your mouth when you are name-calling, "

Those who engage in blatant antisemitism and forms of Holocaust denial earn the "Nazi" description. It's accurate. If those who earn it find it insulting, so be it.

You earn it again with use of the "ZOG" term and concept, which was coined by white supremacist neo-Nazi groups.

Let go of the hatred. Jews aren't out to get you.

Anti-Dmarks said...

Jews aren't out to get American Indians, but the ones elected into power sure don't have anything to do with, nor know anything about the plight of the redman. They are just a repeat of the rest of Anglo America that points it fingers at natives that earn a little prosperity while reminding the world 6 million Jews are the only victims of genocide throughout history.
This is dmarks mindset. Jews are all rich ( he keeps repeating that one) and Indians never suffered as much compared to them.

Dmarks is anti-Native and a racists against the plight of the American Indian. He keeps trying to label me as anti-Semitic when I have Jewish blood in my family.

dmarks said...

To the supposedly-native person above who parrots the views and lingo of white supremacists:

"...but the ones..."

Ah, more stereotypes.

"This is Dmarks mindset. Jews are all rich".

Actually it is yours. You repeated it multiple times as your own view, and I am quoting it, as it is one of your favorite white supremacist lines you believe in and have expressed as your own view.

Show one bit of evidence of me being anti-Native.

And you are antisemitic not because of my "labelling", but because you fly repeatedly into the embrace of antisemitism itself.

Plainsman said...

Just because I happen to disagree with your shortsightedness in Native issues and your ignorance of my being full blooded Native with family of Jewish ancestry, you continually stir the illusion that I am not native for one and two, I am anti-semitic.

There is alot to learn from all sides dmarks, if you can educate me instead of labeling me or namecalling, I can take you seriously.

I pointed out some remarks made from TWO, repeat, (2) wealthy Jewish college kids, and I am anti-semitic? They had a disdain for American Indians because they considered them "inferior", no different than the way Bloomberg and OTHERS I had pointed out with the power to be a part of the cause instead a part of the problems in Indian country.

Like African Americans and Anglo Americans, some of the Jewish community have sold out to the American illusion that the American Indian and the earth we fight to protect are worthless fights.

Does the Jewish community as a whole do this? NO! Dmarks, they do not! Just most that have some form of authority or material wealth, but for that matter, many Indians sell out as well.

I apologize if you are offended by my remarks and feel you have to protect the Jewish community from this full blooded Indian, buts I am no threat inasmuch as most of our problems are solved from within and not from whom we deem, the enemy.

dmarks said...

What shortsightedness on Native issues? What specifically do you disagree with?

As for your percent of Indian ancestry, yes I am ignorant of this, because this has absolutely nothing to do with the issue we have been discussiong. Any of it. No where has ancestry or blood quantum come into it.

"I pointed out some remarks made from TWO, repeat, (2) wealthy Jewish college kids,"

Yes you did. And independent from that you on multiple occasions talked about your own opinion about how Jews are rich, and this negates the genocidal impact of the Holocaust. That was the double-whammy: your own embrace of very common neo-Nazi/white supremacist tropes. Not your quoting of those two kids.

I would have pointed out the same thing hypothetically if you had been repeating anti-Native stereotypes. And I have elsewhere.

Plainsman said...

I think you have me and someone else mixed up dmarks. I never said anything you are quoting about Jews being rich.

You seem to have an affinity towards the words, white supremist. You have no idea what that means nor I bet you have never been subjected to discrimination.

dmarks said...

The thing aboutt all Jews being rich came from someone with the ID of "Jewish Tribal Card". I thought your ID shifted in and out of that one. If I am wrong and that was not you, I am very sorry.

"...white supremacist..."

I know exactly what it means. The only "affinity" is that the term is worth bringing up as they are the originators of much of antisemitism, including the "ZOG" concept.

Knowing the definition is a mere matter of reading, research, and experience. Was your jab that I had no idea some sort of attempt at an insult?

Rob said...

Bloomberg's willingness to run as a Republican means he's a moderate, not a liberal.

Some of his moderate views:

Some of the policies Bloomberg advocates parallel those of either the Democratic or the Republican party platform. He is socially liberal, supporting abortion rights, gay marriage, gun control, and amnesty for illegal immigrants, for example. On economics, foreign, and domestic issues, he tends to be conservative. He opposes a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq, and criticizes those who favor one. Economically, he supports government involvement in issues such as public welfare and climate change, while being strongly in favor of free trade, pro-business, and describing himself as a fiscal conservative because he balanced the city's budget.

Rob said...

P.S. I haven't found DMarks to be prejudiced against Indians, Jews, or any ethnic group.

dmarks said...

Rob: Plaisman/Tribal Card's/ whatever's reactions when I have pointed out his broad prejudicial statements about Jews and Navajos has been to accuse me of racism. But you have seen that.